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RankSpeed Now Compares Electronic Products

RankSpeed announced today a ranking tool for electronic products: smartphones, digital cameras, MP3 players, etc. Now you can use our search tool to compare products by sentiments and check prices in realtime.

We believe at RankSpeed that the noise in social media (Tweets, blog posts, …) can be helpful to surface the best products and websites. As millions of users express their opinion every day about any subject, all these data can be analyzed without the need of traditional user review sites.

The timeline for the tweets and blog posts used to rank results can be set to one month, one year or any time and RankSpeed can show a list of web pages and photos related to each product.

A video shows how to use the ranking tool:  select a product category, change the timeline, etc:

Hello world!

We have just launched the public beta of, a new search tool that ranks websites, web services and web apps by any sentiment from the blogosphere / twittersphere.

What are the most useful twitter tools ? What is the most effective antivirus ? What are the best webmail ? RankSpeed will instantly answer these kind of subjective searches by aggregating opinions from the blogosphere and the twittersphere.

We hope that you will find this service useful for finding and comparing web results😉


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